Program Management and Systems Integration

Business and technology professionals at StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC (Strategic) examine and determine a program’s specifications and objectives from multiple perspectives to formulate and execute a plan for comprehensive support services focused on optimizing business operations. We provide transition management, risk management, security oversight, and communication services throughout the program’s life cycle to ensure the program runs smoothly.

As an integration contractor, Strategic monitors all program components to ensure they function efficiently and in conjunction with the intention of the overarching program. As part of that process, we ensure any new or ongoing activity within the program is properly communicated, handled, and managed by all related business units and supporting stakeholders. Having an understanding of each component of the program allows us to investigate possible areas of waste and pinpoint opportunities for program improvements, resulting in a positive return on investment.


  • Program Management Oversight
  • Provide leadership and direction to ensure the project scope is managed, timelines are met, and any changes are documented, justified, and authorized
  • Ensure all directed resources for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling are accomplished
  • Transition Management
  • Facilitate transitioning workload to ensure timelines are met and operations continue without interruption
  • Track inventory of equipment, documents, and activities during the transition process to ensure a successful handoff
  • Risk Management
  • Use supply chain risk management, business process management, and/or other tools to analyze risk, develop mitigation plans, and monitor progress through all phases of the program’s life cycles
  • Develop, manage, and coordinate Business Continuity planning and testing Investment Life Cycle Support
  • Develop, implement, and maintain an integrated project management approach that combines technical plans, schedule plans, and plans to meet cost and quality objectives
  • Provide business analysis, requirements definition, and testing to support different phases of the life cycle
  • Communication
  • Develop Outreach and Education programs for program policies and quality improvement opportunities
  • Ensure the work effort achieves the desired outcome
  • Security Oversight
  • Seamless integration of security services to ensure business continuity
  • Ensure the appropriate physical and logical controls and procedures are in place to protect the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information
  • Ensure compliance with all set regulations and security frameworks

The Strategic Advantage

  • Link people, processes, and tools to customer mission, performance, and results
  • Lead effective integration and operation of the best technology tools for the program
  • Strong management skills and business acumen to work with a stakeholder to achieve results
  • Consistent program service delivery that results in increased customer satisfaction and return on investment