“As a Strategic client, your needs have priority. With Strategic, clients can count on the utmost attention given to expediting the project promptly and above expectations.”

The Challenge:

The customer requested staff at Strategic organize a 7-hour conference with 11 states. The conference would cover the progress and upcoming goals for a national educational project. The suggested time frame only allowed Strategic eight weeks to organize the location, attendees, travel, agenda, and materials for the conference. Strategic embraced the difficult task with an ownership attitude and a timeliness goal.

The Solution:

Strategic conducted daily outreach to nearly 50 government officials to gather their availability and select the most optimal date and location for the conference. Strategic then coordinated all attendee travel arrangements to ensure all arrivals and departures ran smoothly.

While organizing and planning the conference logistics, Strategic also composed the materials for the conference. Materials included fact sheets, newsletters, assessment sheets, PowerPoint® presentations, outlines, and surveys. For the attendee’s convenience on the day of the conference, Strategic also provided all materials in print and electronic formats.

The Result:

Post-meeting feedback from the customer and state attendees indicated that the conference was well planned, appreciated, and successful. The success of the conference attests to Strategic’s ability to perform with both timeliness and superior quality.

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