“At Strategic, innovation is part of our job description. Securing a contractor that successfully delivers on requirements is the goal of every government procurement manager. At Strategic, we do not believe ‘good enough’ is good enough. We always strive for premier standards and continuous improvement.”

The Challenge:

Staff at Strategic design, develop, and maintain educational products for various methods of online and in-person dissemination. The educational products, available to the public and targeted to health care providers and beneficiaries, cover various topics related to Medicare and Medicaid. Formats include booklets, guides, brochures, fact sheets, podcasts, and web-based training courses.

The formats used for the educational products did not incorporate evolving educational techniques and technological trends. For example, Strategic’s continuing education (CE) staff noted several studies showing that physicians depend more and more on mobile devices to receive education. The educational formats used were not optimized for mobile devices. Additionally, the educational products contained hyperlinks to other resources. To use these hyperlinks, learners who received the products in print format would need to retype the hyperlink into a Web browser.

The Solution:

Strategic researched various educational methods and technologies, presented them to the customer, and incorporated them into educational products. For products of particular interest to physicians, Strategic prepared files in an EPUB® format, which is optimized for mobile devices. Strategic used Quick Response (QR) codes that allow learners with a mobile device to scan the QR code and open a hyperlink, instead of retyping the hyperlink into a Web browser. Strategic introduced variety and storytelling into products by including embedded videos from the customer’s YouTube Channel.

The Result:

Strategic’s innovative ideas spurred the development of products that are more accessible for on-the-go learners. Mobile learners can download an EPUB® file over lunch on their mobile device, or scan a QR code to instantly see a website hyperlinked in a print product they receive at a conference. The products with embedded videos better engage visual and auditory learners than traditional narrative education. Strategic’s innovations resulted in the production of more accessible and effective education to communicate the customer’s message to the learners.

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