“Strategic understands the importance of meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations. We believe that every project can succeed with the right assistance and solution. Strategic’s commitment to continuous process improvement and project facilitation ensures superior customer service in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

The Challenge:

Part of Strategic’s staff designs, develops, and maintains educational products targeted to health care providers and beneficiaries, covering a variety of Medicare topics. The customer oversees the development of a particular product by appointing a product owner within their organization for each health care topic. Each product owner sets the deadlines, content needs, and priorities for Strategic, but is often unaware of their other colleagues’ requests. The communication between Strategic and the customer caused frequent unbalanced workloads, competing deadlines, and product delivery conflicts.

The Solution:

To address this challenge, Strategic instituted a weekly status call with the customer to discuss current and upcoming workloads and priorities. Strategic then used the status call information to create project plans that identify and prioritize product assignments. Strategic’s subject matter experts (SMEs) also improved product tracking and policy corrections by recording all Change Requests, “Federal Register” publications, and relevant electronic mailing list messages on a spreadsheet for an internal weekly analysis to determine the potential impact to products. Major changes are communicated to the customer to decide whether the affected product should be updated.

The Result:

Strategic’s organized approach facilitated better coordination and prioritization of assignments for a more evenly distributed workflow, reduced product delays, and ensured providers readily received the most current health care information.

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