Strategic CEO Presents at Nebraska Action Coalition Fall Leadership Conference

Peg Stessman, CEO of Strategic, speaks at NAC Collaborative Annual Leadership Conference.

On November 3, 2017, the Nebraska Action Coalition (NAC) hosted its Collaborative Annual Leadership Conference, “Better Together: Nurses Engaging in Interprofessional Team Collaboration and Leadership.” Strategic CEO, Peg Stessman, was one of the featured speakers, presenting to a sold-out crowd of 110 health care professionals on the topic of “Going Beyond Talking About Breaking the Glass Ceiling.”

Stessman highlighted her path from nursing to entrepreneurialism and sought to inspire other women in the audience to follow their own path to leadership roles in their organizations and beyond. Stessman also discussed the history of Strategic and our commitment to redefining health care as a sustainable resource.

As a corporate sponsor for the NAC conference, Strategic also managed a booth in the exhibitor’s hall that reinforced how health care is as important to our nation as clean air and water, and how fixing the problem is the only solution.

Conference attendees were encouraged to sign a sustainability pledge, showing their commitment to sustainable health care practices both as a health care professional and as a consumer. B. Harry also went home with visitors, serving as that voice that whispers (or roars as necessary) to remind them of the importance of sustainable health care.

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