Courage, Conscience, Cooperation: The Keys to Achieving Sustainable Health Care

StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC (Strategic) is working hard to ensure that health care dollars are going to the right providers for medically necessary treatments and services and protecting the Medicare and Medicaid programs that are crucial to millions of people across the country.

It will take cooperation, conscience, and especially courage to protect our health care programs, but Strategic is up to the challenge. We are doing our part to protect the future of health care by establishing and promoting our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal,” (BHAG) to “Redefine health care as a sustainable resource.” To help symbolize the initiative and bring it to life, Strategic adopted a mascot, a courageous lion named B. Harry.

Now obviously, we don’t have a real lion here at Strategic; you can find those at Omaha’s world-renowned Henry Doorly Zoo. Our B. Harry is a ton of courage in a small package. Think of B. Harry as the “lionization” of a conscious effort to ensure that all we do as a company, we do to ensure the sustainability of health care for generations to come. You might even say he is the lionization of our conscience as well, that voice that whispers (or roars as necessary) in our ears to remind us of the importance of sustainable health care, and that everyone plays a role in achieving it.

Recognizing that the work we do is one part of the solution, we are proud to cooperate with partners like you toward the goal of preserving an important part of America’s health care system.

Together, Strategic and B. Harry will use courage, conscience, and cooperation to advance our BHAG. Courage to do the best thing, not only by meeting, but exceeding customer expectations. Conscience to do the right thing, by ensuring providers deliver care and services that are necessary and no more. Cooperation to work with government agencies, providers, and beneficiaries so that all understand how crucial integrity and sustainability are to the future of our health care system.

Are you ready to help solve our nation’s biggest health care challenge? 

B. Harry asks you – What role will YOU play in ensuring the sustainability of health care? #RedefineHealthCare

About the author:

Scott Stocking

Scott Stocking is a certified Prior Learning Assessor with 25 years of experience. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master of Divinity. He specializes in educating adult nontraditional learners and developing continuing professional educational materials. At Strategic, he is a Health Care Program Subject Matter Expert with a focus on Medicaid Program Integrity and Medicare provider education.

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