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Waste, Fraud and Abuse Threaten Americans’ Access to Healthcare Services

It’s conceivable that 40 to 50 percent of the $600 billion Medicare budget is consumed by services that are unnecessary, billed improperly, or fraudulently rendered. Imagine what we could do with those dollars if they were used more judiciously and we had better ways to prevent misuse and abuse of those funds.

Is Access to Health Care a Right or a Privilege?

StrategicHealthSolutions (Strategic) is preserving access to a critically important national resource that is the right of every American—health care. Specifically, health care for those using federally supported programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

In the short eleven years since Strategic opened its doors for business, our staff has helped identify millions of taxpayer dollars associated with the Medicare and Medicaid programs and have become trusted advisors to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). We are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the health care programs by bringing valuable insight gained from years of experience in various aspects of the health care industry.

How Our Shared Insights Bring Solutions to the Health Care Ecosystem

Think of health care as an ecosystem where all stakeholders—beneficiaries, providers, and insurers like Medicare and Medicaid (the government)—play a critical role and rely on each other. If you take something as vital as funding for insurance out of the ecosystem, it crumbles.

How would providers continue to offer quality care without insurance to pay for their services? Without funding, how would hospitals provide the equipment, staffing, and facilities needed to care for their patients? How would patients afford to seek care if there weren’t dollars to help them pay their medical bills?

Our staff shares a vision—to use our health care insights acquired through auditing, education, and program integrity to serve our federal and state governments, devise ways to make health care sustainable, and do our part in preserving national health care for you and your grandchildren’s grandchildren. It’s no small task.  And we cannot do it alone. Strategic plays but one small role in the health care ecosystem, so we need you.

Let’s Sustain Health Care—and Give it a Name

Sustainable health care is our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). The BHAG shapes our culture at Strategic and serves as a driving force toward a mission that goes beyond shareholder return on quarterly statements.  The goal of the BHAG and this blog is to share insights, innovations, and find ways to collaborate with all those who own a piece of the healthcare ecosystem so that together we will realize the benefits of better care, at lower costs and improved health. Watch our BHAG video to learn more.

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Do you have something to share toward advancing the BHAG? Contact me.

Peg Stessman
PEG STESSMAN is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and owner of StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC (Strategic). She is also Chairwoman of Strategic’s Board of Directors.

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