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Strategic Launches New Website

September 11, 2014 – StrategicHealthSolutions (Strategic) invites visitors to explore its new website, which was designed to provide a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout.

The website is optimized for today’s browsers and mobile devices, featuring a new layout that implements both infinite scrolling and dropdown menus. The infinite scrolling pages allow users to browse through a variety of content from a single page, while the dropdown menus offer direct navigation to a specific page. Strategic anticipates this layout will help users more quickly find the desired information.

The new site also expands the News page to include an industry news section. Visitors can now keep up with the latest news in the health care industry, along with updates about Strategic. “Knowing what is happening in your industry is the first step to delivering superior solutions to your customer,” said Scott Godfrey, Strategic’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The new industry news page allows Strategic the chance to share our insight and become a resource for other key players in the health care industry.”

To market Strategic’s commitment to small businesses and to identify potential teaming partners, the site now also features a Partner With Us page. The page outlines Strategic’s interest in teaming and allows other government contractors to make direct outreach with Strategic’s business development team.

Peg Stessman, Strategic’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder said, “We are excited to have our website go live. Strategic continues to grow and expand within the health care industry, and our new site portrays the elite company we are today.”

Strategic will continue to evaluate the site and enhance its integration with social media to build a stronger brand and continue to grow the company. We encourage you to visit the new site and give us your feedback by posting a comment on our Facebook page.