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Paying for Better Health: At the Crossroads (Part 2)

This month, we’re bringing you Part 2 in our 3-part series on the alternative health care payment models in Medicare, covering the pros and cons of each. As mentioned by Dr. Anton Piskac in our previous blog post, three main payment models have been introduced to replace the outdated Fee-For-Service model: managed care, bundled payments, […]

A Better Way to Pay: Shifting Health Care Payment Models

The way health care is delivered and paid for is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Our nation’s single largest health care purchaser, Medicare, is phasing out the fee-for-service payment model, where doctors are paid based on the volume of services they provide. By 2018, 90 percent of Medicare payments will be for value-based care, where doctors […]

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Tackling Medicare Disparities

Does it sound reasonable that you’d be charged 140% more for receiving an ultrasound in a hospital-owned facility than if you’d gone to a privately-owned doctor’s office? Or 70% more for a standard office visit? Medicare doesn’t think so either, and new changes to payment policies are addressing this inconsistency. In recent years, there has […]