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The Strategic Blog is a vehicle for sharing insights, innovations, and finding ways to collaborate with all those who own a piece of the health care ecosystem. The current trajectory of health care is unacceptable and we need everyone to work together to realize the benefits of better care, at lower costs, and improved health.

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Courage, Conscience, Cooperation: The Keys to Achieving Sustainable Health Care

StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC (Strategic) is working hard to ensure that health care dollars are going to the right providers for medically necessary treatments and services and protecting the Medicare and Medicaid programs that are crucial to millions of people across the country. It will take cooperation, conscience, and especially courage to protect our health care programs, […]

Why Now: Transitioning from Traditional Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care (Part 3)

This month, we’re bringing you the final installment of our three-part series on the alternative health care payment models in Medicare. Part 1 introduced the different payment models, Part 2 covered the pros and cons of each, and this post will focus on the transition to value-based care, sometimes referred to as a “bundled payments” model. 

Paying for Better Health: At the Crossroads (Part 2)

This month, we’re bringing you Part 2 in our 3-part series on the alternative health care payment models in Medicare, covering the pros and cons of each. As mentioned by Dr. Anton Piskac in our previous blog post, three main payment models have been introduced to replace the outdated Fee-For-Service model: managed care, bundled payments, […]